Journey to the West

Meitoku International Players

presented their 39th Production

at Haruno Bunka Hall Pia Stage, Kochi

on Friday, 22nd June, 2012

at 18.00

    Monkey King about to be crowned              Monkey King and Five-Finger Mountain

                  The Team of Five                      Monkey King Defeats the Thunder Warriors

       White Horse, Sandgrubber, Pigface

        Monkey King & Sanzang the Priest

The Cast

Adapted & Directed by GAVIN BANTOCK

This most famous of the four great Chinese classics is about the early life of the trouble-making Monkey King and his comical disruption of the Celestial Empire, and the journey by the priest Sanzang with his disciples Monkey King, Pigface, Sandgrubber and White Horse to fetch the holy Buddhist scriptures from India for the salvation of China.

It is packed with fantastic and hilarious encounters with monsters, spirits & creatures of all kinds, and yet has more serious elements of endurance, fellowship & spiritual enlightenment.