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DATE:    Friday, 27 November, 2015

TIME:     6.30pm (Doors open 6.00pm)   

PLACE: Haruno Bunka Hall Pia Stage, Kochi

INQUIRIES:  0888-56-1211

One of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies – with a romantic theme of love and hate, a kind of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ with a happy ending.

An alternative title might ‘Much Ado About Noting’: there are numerous cases of people ‘noting’ other people’s actions – noticing, looking, listening, eavesdropping, spying. Japanese narration is by groups of Bystanders watching the action of the characters.

Young Benedick and Beatrice wage ‘a merry war of wit’ against each other. They have sworn ‘never to get married’, but their friends play a hilarious trick to make them fall in love with each other!

Claudio falls instantly in love with the beautiful Hero, but their marriage plans are almost ruined by the dastardly villain Don John, whose evil plot is revealed by his drunken henchmen and a bumbling policemen.

It’s always great fun to watch the non-stop comic action of this play! Come and be a Bystander and watch our 46th performance!