48th PRODUCTIONShakespeare’s ‘KING JOHN’

Freely Adapted & Directed by


(who has now directed all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays!)

was performed on 2nd December, 2016,

2016 being the 800th anniversary year

of King John’s death, and

the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death

Kazuya Yoshizaki as Stephen Langton             Kazuki Urata (Torikian) as

and Yuki Ohtakias Simon de Montfort                       King  John

   (with Anton Bantock’s MBE medal)

                                                                           Yukiya Arai as Hubert

                                                                               & Hina  Kawamura as Prince Arthur


   Co-Director Merwyn Torikian

    with his son Kazuki as King John,

     and uncle Director Gavin Bantock  (3 Generations of English Drama!)

Shakespeare's most rarely performed history play, freely adapted and augmented to focus on the birth of democracy in England.

A vivid of account of how the barons, the Church and the common people of England reduced the power of their tyrannical King, who had no right to wear the crown.

The signing of the famous charter, the Magna Carta, the holding of the first English parliament, and the  landmark Peasants' Revolt – a dramatic blend of political intrigue, murderous plots, plunder of churches, sudden deaths and a popular revolution.

A panoply of great personalities – the King's powerful mother Queen Eleanor, the noble Archbishop Stephen Langton, the bold and forthright knight Simon de Montfort, the fiery rebel Wat Tyler and many others.