GB & the LAMS


In1964 in his first teaching job, GB was Head of English at Barcote School of Coaching, at Faringdon near Oxford, U.K. Among his students from that year till 1966, were two Chinese brothers from Hong Kong, GEORGE & ANTHONY LAM. GB invited them to stay in his home at Barnt Green near Birmingham and at their holiday house in Harlech, North Wales, during the school holidays. Here they are (left photo) on the beach at Harlech in January, 1966.

More than 40 years later, GEORGE LAM, who is now the most famous singer in HONG KONG and has remained phenomenally popular as a musician and film actor for more than 30 years, invited GB and his wife KYOKO to attend his concert on 6 June, 2007 in the Hong Kong Coliseum. During the concert, George came down into the audience of 12,000 people to greet his old teacher, and to present GB with his latest album "George" (Centre photo).

In April 2007, GB and Kyoko flew to Phuket in Thailand to attend the 4-day wedding celebrations of the daughter of ANTHONY LAM, George's younger brother. There GB was reunited with the Lams after a gap of 18 years. Anthony is now a distinguished interior designer among whose clients are Jackie Chan, the Sultan of Omar and many other well known figures, and whose work includes top-grade restaurants in Mayfair, London. In the photo right, George is on the left next to GB and Anthony on the right next to Kyoko.


GB’s Students from Hong Kong, whom he taught in U.K. from 1964 to 1966