Sunday, 18th November, 2007

GB was invited to deliver a lecture for Reitaku University’s

Fourth Homecoming Day


GB, who retired from Reitaku University in 1994, was invited to deliver a 45-minute lecture in the morning of Reitaku University's 4th Homecoming Day. His title—"Dear Scolders"—was inspired by the title of a speech ("My Dear Scolders") made by Akie Senoo, a 4th Year member of Reitaku University ESS, on 22nd November, 1977. In his speech, GB referred to that earlier speech and other ESS speeches concerning the moral laxity of teachers and parents. He mentioned the book "To Sir, With Love" by the US writer E. R. Braithwaite, and made educational references to modern British society. He also reminisced about occasions he himself had been scolded when young and about times when he had scolded others with varying results. He also spoke about how moved he had been in June, 2007, when his former student George Lam, now a famous Hong Kong singer & film star, had thanked him in front of an audience of 12,000 in Hong Kong Coliseum.

The lecture was attended by over thirty people, most of them former Reitaku students of GB, and by Professor Shumpei Tanaka (front row, 4th from left), GB's friend and colleague at Reitaku University. The new president of Reitaku University, Professor Osamu Nakayama, attended, as did the present headmaster of Reitaku High School, Sajio Takemasa (centre photo, front row, 3rd from left). Both these were former students of GB's. The President of the Institute of Moralogy, Mr. Mototaka Hiroike, attended the last part of the lecture. Akie Senoo (now Mrs. Tsuji), who originated the lecture's title, sits in the front row, third from the right, next to GB's wife Kyoko. Her husband, Hiroo Tsuji, also a former student of GB, stands third from the right in the back row.

Lectures were also delivered by two other former Reitaku teachers, Professors Jitaro Mizuno and Yasunori Maruyama.

After the lectures, a luncheon party was held at Hiiragi, the university students' restaurant, and as many as 200 people attended. It was a wonderful opportunity for former students and former teachers to get together and exchange news, memories and thoughts. There were entertainments offered by Chinese students, Sunny Gates, the Karate Club and the Choral Society. There was also a quiz based on former aspects of the campus and university.

In the photo on the right above, from left to right: Mrs. Hiroo Tsuji (formerly Akie Senoo), Professor Osamu Nakayama, President of Reitaku University, Masami Hamaguchi, GB, Hiroo Tsuji and Merwyn Torikian, GB's nephew and current Director of Reitaku University English Drama Group. The four graduates were all members of the Drama Group and/or ESS and worked with GB in those groups.