KGB & Tomihiro Hoshino


In the late 1980s, Kyoko and Gavin Bantock (KGB) translated into English two best-selling Japanese illustrated books of poems and essays by the paraplegic poet/painter Tomihiro Hoshino—JOURNEY OF THE WIND (Rippu Shobo, Tokyo, 1988) and ROAD OF THE TINKLING BELL (Kaiseisha, Tokyo, 1990). The flower illustrations in both boooks were painted by Hoshino holding a brush in his mouth. Our edition of ROAD OF THE TINKLING BELL is now out of print (having been reissued in a very inferior translation). Copies of the KGB original publication may be obtained, however, from Gavin Bantock at


KGB’s Translation into English of Two Japanese Best-Sellers

In September 1994, GB recited parts of


during a special performance

in the Carnegie Hall, New York.

(Photo left)

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