Latest Stage Production

(Meitoku’s 36th Production)

Run, Melos!

by Osamu Dazai


Measure for Measure

by William Shakespeare


Meitoku International Players (MIC) presented two plays: MEASURE FOR MEASURE and RUN, MELOS! (Both adapted & directed by Gavin Bantock0

on Friday, 19th November, 2010 at 6pm

at Kochi Prefectural Art Museum, Kochi City.

These two plays, the second well known in Japan

and the first not well known even in U.K.,

made an interesting pair: one about the power of moral purity, the other about the power of friendship. Both plays dealt with the abuse of power and in both plays there was an urgent need to save the life of a man in prison. The cast of 16 included 4 Japanese students, 7 Chinese students, one Korean student, two Japanese students (from Reitaku Uinversity English Drama Group), one old member of MIC, and one Meitoku teacher. The pictures below are of the Dress Rehearsal.

‘Measure for Measure’ was performed

before ‘Run, Melos!’

Right: Claudio & Isabella, & the Final Scene of ‘M for M’.

Below: Melos runs,

confronts mountain brigands and is almost exhausted.