Poetry & Drama


I suppose the two biggest themes of my life so far have been writing poetry and directing drama with amateur groups (in English in Japan). Writing this in 2003, I have so far spent roughly half my life in England, and half in Japan. Here in Japan I have spent almost all my time with Japanese people; I very rarely meet people from overseas. Most of these people are young, and it is from them that I get a kind of driving force that keeps me going.

Closest to my heart have been the fortunes of Reitaku University English Drama Group (R.U.E.D.G.), which I directed from 1969 to 1994.

(See 1988 photo above)

From this rich source of inspiration and challenge have grown all my other drama activities in Japan, and at almost every production I am assisted by one or two members and/or old members (OMs) of RUEDG.

My nephew Merwyn Torikian has been directing the group since 1994.

I owe RUEDG so much! May it prosper in the years to come!