Recent GB Poetry Publications



In March 2002, Anvil published GB's new poetry collection JUST THINK OF IT, containing over 60 poems, written by GB during the previous twenty years, but most of them in the previous eight years. Michael Hulse writes: "There is humour in Bantock, & a shrewdness of observation, & a skill in timing."

Available from Anvil Press Poetry, Ltd., Neptune House, 70, Royal Hill, London SE10 8RF, England.  £9.95

In 2003, Anvil published GB's long poem SEAMANSHIP, which "charts the struggles of a man....forced to face reality and come to terms with the chaos and confusions of the modern world." ANVIL. £8.95                 



Also in March, 2002, the Redbeck Press published GB's prize-winning anthology FLOATING WORLD. This contains GB's poems on Japanese subjects, mostly written recently, but also including GB's long poem "Hiroshima", written in 1964, but never published in book form until now. Available from Redbeck Press,

                                24, Aireville Road, Frizinghall, Bradford BD9 4HH, England   £6.95

        JUST THINK OF IT                                                                                           CARP

Albert Einstein, or some such genius or other                                                               That old grey carp is looking at me.

once stated that no known force can exceed                                                                I wonder if it knows.......

the speed of light, and we now know that

it takes, for example, one billion years for light                                                                       (Knows what? See the book! GB)

to travel from one particular distant star

all the way here to our shining earthbound eyes.

But what happens, I wonder, when we consider

the speed of thought?.....                                     (Find out in the book itself! GB)